How to check if your ladder is safe to use

According to latest reports from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height accounted for 44% of all non-fatal injuries over the past 5 years and 25% of all fatal injuries, therefore, to reduce the chance of an accident it's crucial to carry out pre-use checks to spot any obvious defects or parts that need to be replaced. 

Ladder pre-use checks should include

Feet- First check there are no feet missing, then check the condition to ensure they aren't worn or damaged. If any feet are missing or damaged replacement feet need to be purchased before the ladder can be used.

Stiles- Look for any damage including dents and bends in the stiles.

Rungs- Make sure they aren't bent, damaged or missing.

Locking mechanism- Ensure that the mechanism functions correctly and check all components and fixings for signs of wear, damage, or bends.

Step Ladder Platform-  Check for any splits, dents and signs of wear.

Tread/Steps on step ladders- Ensure there are no substances on the treads that could make them slippery, also check to make sure the treads are not lose or damaged.  

If your Werner, Abru or Youngman ladder fails any of these checks it isn't safe to use so it should either be disposed of or if it just requires replacement parts purchase these from the manufacturer before using the ladder.